Tristan Bell Arden,SKDSC_9934

Date of birth: 14.05.2014

Sex: 1,0 male

Race: British longhair

Colour:  chocolate golden shaded    (by 11)

HCM- neg

Felv/Fiv- neg


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CH Egon of Moon Sissi*Cz

Date of birth: 31.01.2012

Sex: 1,0 male- neutered

Race: British shorthair

Colour:  black silver shaded (ns 11)

He is a carrier of  point gene and long hair.

Blood type:A

Felv, FIV,PKD: negative         

Archibald Happypurr*RuBritish longhair silver point

Date of birth: 08.01.2013

Sex: 1,0 male

Race: British longhair/ Highlander

Colour:  seal silver shaded point

(ns 11 33)

HCM/ PKD- negative